Sunday, February 20, 2005

waiting for broken trains - by any means necessary

waiting for broken trains

we're a 5-piece perth-based "post-rock" band in development...
we've been jamming sporadically since late-2004.

W4BT members:

subaware - vocals
brother_X - vocals/guitar/laptop
armed poet - bass
will terror - guitar
dr G - drums/vocals

this here blog will be useful for uploading details about our journey. we'll also have audio and pic files for perusal. we hope to document our journey into the public arena - to combine our love of interesting music and radical politics. all 5 of us have rejected mainstream/dominant culture to various extents.

in our music, we are messing with genre, power and sonic meaning. in post-rock style we endevour to apply "rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes", to challenge the notion of what music should be in an effort to defy classification. we want to challenge both ourselves and those that may consume our texts...

with a genuine love of radical poetry, we bring an element of twisted feminist and anarchist ideas into our lyrical stylings. we hope to give the art-recipient/audience an entertainment factor beyond trad-rock stuff. and hope to open minds and hearts with a new kind of ROCK.

we're all influenced by activism, and busy making media and trouble for dominant culture in all areas of our lives. we are not looking for commercial record label recognition. we are not seeking to reproduce culture through traditional pop paths. our product is organic, our sound is open for interpretation. we believe in poetry, beats melody and sonic-structures to transform our minds.

as activists, we live busy lives, seeking knowledge, spreading ideas. we are radical. we are passionate. we wish for open minds and borders, we like no nations and an end to corporate exploitation of everything. we seek radical outcomes and consider ourselves fundamentally "anarchistic".

we believe that music is a vehicle of ideas and can influence culture. and such tools should not be taken lightly.

our music and art is not desinged for fleeting consumption... yet you may devour willingly.


feel free to comment at will...


At 21/2/05 2:16 am, Blogger armedpoet said...

farout.. our own blog.

i almost feel like saying something inspirational...

"look out perth.. we're as rough as a wild bores anus and we're coming to fuck you up!"


maybe not.

At 21/2/05 9:57 pm, Anonymous will terror said...

where's the page with the guitar tabs?

At 22/2/05 12:26 am, Blogger antipoet said...

x + x = fuck u
x + x = Y?
x + x = wtf?

never guitars r nothing more than instuments...

of torture...

At 23/3/05 11:52 pm, Blogger Thai Boxing Girl said...

cool beans guys!!! you'll have my support all the way from MALAYSIA!!! do update regularly, so that i can follow from here, ok!!!

btw, congratulations on your gig last week...heard it was a blast!! wish i was there!!


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